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Dominion Rammus Build - League of Legends 2012

This is a short and simple guide of playing Rammus in Dominion game mode of League of Legends.

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Rammus is a tank character. He can take a lot of damage protecting other team champions. He has also great mobility and decent damage output.


Offense: 1
     - 1/1 - Summoner's Wrath - Provide a boost for Ghost and Initiator

Defense: 21
     - 3/3 - Resistance
     - 3/3 - Hardiness
     - 4/4 - Durability
     - 3/3 - Vigor
    - 1/1 - Veteran's Scars
    - 3/3 - Initiator
    - 3/3 - Honor Guard
    - 1/1 - Juggernaut

Utility: 8
     - 3/3 - Good Hands - Less time dead means to arrive early in the fight, saving team and towers.
     - 4/4 - Swiftness - Improves mobility, granting Rammus will arrive in the fight or tower.
     - 1/1 - Improved Recall - Also for mobiltiy purposes.

League of Legends Masteries


  - Ghost - playing with Rammus involves to always use his ability to cover all over the map, protecting towers and teammates all around the battle ground. Ghost can also help you to reach and finalize almost dying enemies and to provide you escape when the almost dying one is you.
   - Ignite - playing as a tank means to take some fights in which you die since it grants a team victory. Ignite is a good surprise element, transforming an expected sacrifice in a clean victory.


Seals: 9x Greater Seal of Resilience (flat armor runes)
Glyphs: 9x Greater Glyph of Shielding (magic resist per level)
Marks: 9x Greater Mark of Insight (magic penetration) - The marks are not effective as defensive runes so go for magic penetration since the Powerball, Puncturing Taunt and Tremors deal all them magic damage. Thornmail and Sunfire Cape also deal both magic damage.
Quintessences: 3x Greater Quintessence of Defense (armor per level).  That is my personal choice in part because I already had these runes, movement speed or flat health can be as good or even better choices.


I priorize Puncturing Taunts, later Defensive Ball Curl and last Powerball. Buy Tremors any time it is available


Starter Items:
Dominion Rammus Starter Items
 1 - Boots of Speed + Chain Vest + Cloth Armor: focusing in armor and damage (Rammus passive). A good beginning againsta a major AD team.

2 - Boots of Speed + Negatron Cloack: Against a mage team.

3 - Boots of Speed + Null-Magic Mantle + 2x Cloth Armor: balanced defense.

4 - Boots of Mobility + Cloth Armor: Early arriving in top tower. If your team intercepts and delays the enemy team is possible to capture tower before they arrive.

Next items to build:

Rammus Item Build

Next, I complete Boots of Mobility. Usually go for Thornail and Sunfire Cape. If the enemy team has more AP champions go first for Abyssal Scepter and Aegis of The Legion.

Why these items?

Thornmail - Defense and damage, an obvious item for Rammus. Granting bonus from passive and for Puncturing Taunts.
Sunfire Cape - Health and magic damage combining with your Magic Penetration Runes.
Abyssal Scepter - Magic Resist and reduces the Magic Resist of enemies and amplyfing damage of your Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, Powerball, Puncturing Taunts and Tremors.
Aegis of The Legion - Protection and attack for you and your team. Less useful when your team is not fighting in group.

Sixth items or alternative items options:

Rammus Alternative Items

Atma's Impaler: Armor, which means damage for Rammus and damage since you will have extra health from Sunfire Cape and Aegis of The Legion.

Force of Nature: Magic Resist and extra movement.

Hexdrinker: when the enemy team is almost all formed by mages, this item can be a surprising surviability resource.

Phage: Health and Slow enemies.

Odyn's Veil: Protection and suprise factor.

Try also:
Alternative Items

Zeke's Herald : Health for you and Attack Speed + Life Steal for team. Only use if this will fit your team champions and play styles.

 Shurelya's Reverie: Health and Cooldown Reduction for you. Active for movement speed for team.

Mercury's Tread: If your think the enviroment will not allow you to make the best use for Boots of Mobility, take this for extra Magic Resist and for a very welcome Tenacity.

Playing with Rammus:

- Obviously, use Powerball to move around the map to reach and protect or capture towers, to defend allies and to ambush enemies.
- Use Powerball for a quick and precise engage. Right after, Puncturing Taunts and Defensive Curl. If necessary activate Tremors. After the Defensive Curl effect is over, finalize with Powerball.
- When a point is almost taken just by a wave of minions, Tremors can save your point. But if the enemies are close, waste your skills in minions can be risky.
- When protecting a tower, use Puncturing Taunts to atract the enemy to just below the tower shots.
- Use Powerball to reach an escaping enemy and Puncturing Taunts to paralyze him until your team finishes the foe.
- When fight next health packs, use Puncturing Taunts to prevent the enemy to take the pack, then you grab the pack before the taunt effect vanishes.
- Use Powerball to always reach next health packs and keep your life as full as possible.


Rammus Dominion Results
A tank shouldn't take many kills, but in any case you shouldn't let them escape too. Rammus can mantain a neutral or even positive kill/death ratio and also a lot of assists:

Rammus Results

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