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Sense8 and Astrology - Planets Correlation

sense8 astrology planets LVMENES

Sense8  and Astrology

Correlations between sense8 characters and astrological planets
Episode 01 and assorted references
A study by L. M. Neves – August 2015

Beware of SPOILERS

English is not my native language. So, excuse my grammar.

Basic idea: The characters are the astrological planets, the seven classical planets plus Uranus. And, the same way the planets can be in aspects with other planets, the characters have connections among them.

Episode 01

Sun - Sun
- Name relation
- She exercises at sunlight,
- Sunlight at the office.

Riley – Moon
- Scene at night.
- Silver Hair.
- Wrist ribbon saying “Sleeping”. Wrist ribbon saying “Dream”.
- Relation with Nyx (night).
- Inconscience. Escape from Reality (Yesod, kabbalah).

Will – Mars
- He Lives at the apartment 401, 4+0+1= 5, Five is the number of Geburah, Sephirah of Severity (kabbalah). Geburah is related to war (War, Ares, Mars).
- He breaks the door (neighbor apartment). Relation Ram – Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars.
- He is a police officer, a warlike profession (Mars, martial).
- In his uniform there is a pentagon (five) and a five pointed star (Five, Geburah, Gevurah, Tree of Life, Kabbalah).

Kala -  Venus
- In the Escalator scene, her earrings formats are similar to the Venus Symbol.
- She plans to get married (Libra). She likes to work (Taurus). Venus rules Libra and Taurus.

Capheus – Jupiter
- Mom said he is good (Jupiter is the great beneficent in astrology, Jupiter’s virtue is goodness).
- Mom called him “Zebra”. Sagittarius is half-horse.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius. He drives on four wheels. Sagittarius.

Wolfgang – Saturn
- Scene at a funeral, death of the old grandfather, Saturn, Chronos is related to time and death (scythe).
- In mythology, Cronus (Saturn) confronted his father Ourannos / Uranus. Wolfgang urinates (Uranus) in his father tomb and has issues about his father.
- He is precise (relation: Discipline – Saturn, Saturn rules Capricorn, sign related with discipline).
-He can manage time, he breaks the code on time. (relation Saturn / Chronos; Chronos, god of time).

Lito – Mercury
-  He is an actor, good with words, eloquence (Mercury, Hermes, messenger of gods).
- Scene in front of the mirror, two equals, twins, Gemini.
- Scene with a “nun”, “virgin”, Virgo.
- Avoids sex sometimes, “Virgo”
- Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Nomi - Uranus
- Homosexuality, Transexuality. In astrology, Uranus is sometimes related with homosexuality or androgyny.
 - Hacker and blogger. Technology and innovation are Aquarius attributes. Uranus rules Aquarius.

Other episodes – Assorted references

Sun – Sun
- More scenes at sunlight. Sunshine at camera.
- She fights at the stage. The Sun rules the sign of Leo. Leo is related to stages and exhibitionism.
- She wants attention. Leo is related to need for attention.
- She sacrifices herself for others. Sun is related to Tifereth, a sephirath related to sacrifice.
- Her mom says: “beautiful and strong”.

Riley – Moon
- More scenes at night.
- She is from Iceland, six months at night.
- Family issues. Moon is the ruler of Cancer, a sign related to Family.
- Memories. Moon is related to memories in astrology.
- Scene with tides. Relation Tides – Moon.
- Luna means moon.

Will – Mars
- He fights with Jonas (Martial, Mars).
- He investigates. Investigation is related to Scorpio. Mars is a Co-ruler of Scorpio.
- “The universal nature of universe is not competition, officer Gorski”. Competition. Aries. Mars (probably, also a reference about a book).

Kala – Venus
- Green dress, green is the color of Netzach (Sephirah of Venus, kabbalah).
- She is attractive (Aphrodite, Venus).
- Scenes and dialogues involving sexual attraction.

Capheus – Jupiter
- Gluttony – scene with meat and bones – Gluttony is Jupiter’s sin.
- Gluttony – he wants one more passenger, even when it is not appropriate.
- Jean Claude Van Damme – good with kicks – Sagittarius is related to thighs. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.
- Optimism and Benevolence – he feels lucky and want help others – Jupiter’s virtues.
- Expansion and Prosperity – Jupiter’s attributes.

Wolfgang – Saturn
- Felix and Wolfgang talk about obedience, patience. Obedience and patience are related to Saturn (Ep. 04).
- Painting at uncle’s house: “Witches going to their Sabbath”. Sabbath is related to Saturday. Saturday is the day of Saturn.

Lito –  Mercury
- One of his movie has twins, Gemini.
- He avoids sex in some situations, “virgin”, Virgo.
- Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo.
- He says he is good at lying (Gemini possibility, ruled by Mercury).
- There is a statue of Mercury in his living room (Ep. 03).
- Duality, scenes about duality, Gemini.

Nomi - Uranus
- Graffiti at wall, a winged one fights against one with a scythe (Uranus vs Cronus, Uranus is the god of the sky).
- Network of friends, Aquarius Attribute. Uranus rules Aquarius.
- Winged figure at painting (Uranus, god of the sky, Ep. 07).

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