quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2013

Feudal Japan Paper Miniatures

PDF File containing a set of 12 miniatures in 28 ~ 30 mm scale. This is the second set inspired in Feudal Japan. To check the first set, click here. Each miniature has an alternative version / color. The set also provides two options for borders (edge). The set is available at Drive Thru RPG in this link.

The miniatures of this set:
- Arquebusier
- Swordsman (Ronin, Samurai)
- Overhead swordsman (swordsman about to strike)
- Yamabushi (monk)
- "As a Tengu" (Yamabushi monk with Tengu mask)
- Karasu-Tengu (crow-like Tengu)
- Kanabo samurai
- Kabuki samurai
- Geisha
- Shinobi (ninja)
- Samurai in Armor
- Komuso (Flute player zen monk)

There is also an interesting amount of bonus content.

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